Waltair Veerayya and Veera simha Reddy have had successful box office debuts in Tollywood's 2023. While one reached the 200 crore gross barrier, the other quickly passed it. And as february approaches, many indie films are trying their luck, but they are up against these big-name competitors.

While we have low-budget films like writer Padmbhushan by Suhaas (released on february 3), Butta Bomma by Sithara (released on february 4), and Vinaro Bhagyamu vishnu Katha by kiran Abbavaram (released on february 17) hitting theatres, we also have medium-budget films like Michael by sandeep Kishan (released on february 3) in development. In terms of stars, kalyan Ram's Amigos (Feb. 10) and Samantha's Shaakuntalam (Feb. 17) are both scheduled for significant releases. SIR, Dhanush's debut telugu feature, is also most likely to hit theatres on february 17th, despite the fact that advertising has yet to begin.

Almost all of the movies appear promising based on the trailers and their marketing, and a few big films and a few little films may perform well at the box office. If a number of them succeed, february in tollywood will undoubtedly be much more lively than normal. Even if there aren't many festivals or other celebratory days in february, great material can become viral at any time. Let's see who will do the proving!

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