Owner gets 3 months jail after 12 years for dog bite..!?

Rottweiler dog bite: A mumbai court sentenced a dog owner to 3 months imprisonment for a dog bite 12 years ago. The court sentenced the dog owner to 3 months imprisonment for carelessly rearing the dog and endangering the lives of others. mumbai Metropolitan Magistrate court Judge AN Patil gave this verdict on the 3rd of last month. A copy of this judgment was received yesterday. Therefore, it is clear from the court decision that dog owners can not only be prosecuted but also jailed if their dog bites another person.
This incident happened the last year 2010. Cyrus Percy Hormusuji (age 44) has bred a Rottweiler. There is a property dispute between him and Kersi Irani of the same residence. The two had an argument on Neeban beach Road in Mumbai. Then Hormusuji's Rottweiler dog inside the car tried to get out of the car. As soon as Mormosuji opened the car door, the dog pounced on Kersi Irani and bit him. Irani's right leg and hands were bitten by the dog. Subsequently, Irani filed a complaint with the mumbai police against Hormuzji for biting the dog. The mumbai Police registered a case against Homsuji under Section 337, 289 of the IPC. The case was pending in the mumbai Magistrate Court. After 12 years in this case, it was decided on the 3rd of last month. Magistrate Patil ruled that “the owner should have taken more care in keeping an aggressive dog like Rottweiler.The owner also knows that the Rottweiler dog is aggressive. In that case, the dog should not be kept in such a way as to endanger the public. The dog bite victim was 72 years old and a strong, aggressive dog would have done worse if it bit an elderly person. It is an offense for the owner who bred the dog to bring the dog into a public place, without proper care, and to endanger the public. He told the court that the owner was aware of the dog's aggression. Therefore, what he did is an offense under Section 337 IPC. Although this was not done with intention, the owner of the dog acted negligently. Therefore, he ordered the owner of the dog to undergo imprisonment for 3 months, he ruled.

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