2,300 people Died from 3 Strong Earthquakes in Turkey...

Update on the earthquakes in syria and Turkey: 2,300 people have died, and a third quake has struck turkey in less than 24 hours. 

Turkey is rocked by a third earthquake. According to USGS, a second 6.0-magnitude earthquake impacts central Turkey. 

2,300 people have perished as a result of severe earthquakes that struck turkey and Syria. Early on monday, a strong 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook turkey and Syria. In the afternoon, a second quake with a magnitude of 7.5 happened. The third 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck central Turkey. According to AP, the number of fatalities caused by severe earthquakes in turkey and syria has risen to 2,300.

Numerous people are still thought to be trapped beneath the debris. 

Residents and rescue personnel are still looking for survivors. Buildings were destroyed and strong aftershocks continued as residents on both sides of the border raced outside after being frightened out of their sleep by the early morning earthquake during a frigid winter night, covered in rain and snow. 

Turkey, which is prone to earthquakes, is traversed by significant fault lines.  Intense earthquakes in northwest turkey in 1999 resulted in the deaths of 18,000 people. The US Geological survey assigned the monday earthquake a 7.8 magnitude. At least 20 aftershocks followed, the biggest measuring 6.6 hours later during daylight, according to Turkish authorities.

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