Dasara, a movie starring nani, is generating the appropriate amount of excitement thanks to its songs, promotional materials, and screenings. The movie is expected to have a successful debut both in the telugu states and the US. A total of 2300 tickets have already been sold for the movie, earning a $40K profit. Considering that the movie has 11 more days before it opens, this pre-sales total is impressive.

In the past, Nani's movies have made between $150 and 230 K at their openings. dasara, however, is receiving next-level buzz for a nani movie. The public is eager to see a terrific movie on the big screen because there haven't been any major releases in the last several weeks. Dasara's undeveloped and rural theme also appeals to the audience's current trendy tastes. It would be a great start for Nani's dasara if the movie can make $400K to $500K in pre-sales.

Dasara may end up becoming Nani's top-grossing film in the USA if word-of-mouth proves to be favorable. The most important movie for nani is dasara since it would determine the trajectory of his future career. Stay tuned for more updates.

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