The Left-parties linked with teachers unions in the Legislative assembly created the Progressive Democratic Forum (PDF), which performed well in the MLC elections for teachers and graduates. Before the ysr congress entered the fray in the Krishna-Guntur teachers' constituency, they had won a sizable number of MLC seats in both categories. This time, the fight was fierce because the ysr congress entered the constituencies of both teachers and graduates. The opposition tdp joined the graduate voters' districts as well.

In an effort to defeat the ysr congress, the tdp joined forces with the PDF and requested that they support the tdp candidates with their second-priority votes. In exchange, the tdp committed to give the PDF candidates in the teaching constituencies first preference in the voting process. In all three graduate seats, the PDF voters gave the tdp their second-priority votes as planned. With the second priority votes cast by the PDF voters, the tdp took home all three seats. 

The tdp did not offer the PDF its first or even second priority votes in the teachers' constituencies, which is surprising or rather the original way of Chandrababu Naidu. This miscommunication cost the PDF all three MLC seats, which were won by ysr Congress-backed candidates. Having recognised Chandrababu Naidu's strategy, the PDF leaders are now berating the tdp leader for betraying them. Some of the leaders of the PDF claim that Naidu has a history of treachery and that he tricked them in the MLC elections. The key issue at hand is whether or not Naidu will break his promises to the four MLAs who supported the tdp in the MLC poll.

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