Has the TDP's victory in four MLC seats resulted in a rise in arrogance and overconfidence? Yes, based on the circumstances, it appears to be true.
 Even YCP's opponents are slowly coming to realise that tdp won't be in power if they win. It's critical to remember that tdp overreacted, which led to this shift. tdp opponents make fun of the party's fervour and claim that they would reserve vehicles and prepare locations for swearing-in ceremonies.

While the tdp has gained significantly from winning four MLC seats, the ruling party needs to reflect on its loss in the recent MLC elections. Assuming the general elections will produce the same results is foolish. The MLC victories have given tdp supporters more confidence to get involved in party operations, but it's crucial to keep in mind that MLC elections are special and their outcomes might not always be indicative of the outcome of general elections.

Despite losing, ycp is not giving up and is using it as incentive to strive even harder. Meanwhile, there are worries that TDP's hyper-behavior may be dangerous because of its over-enthusiasm, which is creating a scenario of overconfidence. What effect the election of four MLCs will have on the tdp is yet to be determined.

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