The administration of the rohini theatre in chennai has come under fire for refusing to let a tribal family inside the venue even though they had tickets to see Pathu Thala. The tribal family reportedly related to the narikurava tribe. Many well-known figures have denounced this event. tamil filmmaker Vetrimaaran is the most recent to do so. On Facebook, he shared a message in which it was stated that untouchability had been abandoned by theatres a century prior. 

Vetrimaaran claimed that the practise of untouchability, which excludes members of the working class from the hall, is a risky tendency. Even though the tribal family was later permitted to enter the hall, he concluded by calling the event unacceptable. Fans praised the director for speaking out on this matter and even called on the tamil Nadu government to close the venue. Some even requested that Vetrimaaran address this topic in his upcoming movie.

It is well known that Vetrimaaran produces movies about prejudice against members of lesser social classes. Characters in Vetrimaaran's movies are regular people. His supporters even described him as a genuine revolutionary who genuinely worries about the causes.

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