Four ladies go out to celebrate Halloween, and the events that ensue and their experiences are the focus of the BOO tale. Rithu, Aruna, and Kavya (Reba monica John, Vidyullekha Raman, and Manjima Mohan), three of Kiara's friends, are invited to a Halloween party that kiara (Rakul Preet Singh) is hosting at her home. When the power goes out just as they are getting into the party, kiara hands them a scary book to read to pass the time and informs them that even the author of the book passed away after reading it. Where this goes and how paranormal researcher meera (Megha Akash), journalist Malavika (Nivetha Pethuraj), Akash, and Vishwak Sen are related to it are revealed in the rest of the narrative.

The performances aren't really worth discussing. movie aficionados are interested in this since all the actors are well-known to them. However, they were all just going through the motions. However, they are not at fault because all they could do in their panic was scream, screech, and yell.

These parts were flawlessly delivered by rakul preet singh, Vishwak Sen, nivetha Pethuraj, Megha Akash, Reba monica John, Vidyullekha Raman, Manjima Mohan, and Aayira. The parts played by Vishwak Sen, nivetha Pethuraj, and megha akash are quite little. If the performance doesn't make you feel confident, the director, not the celebrity cast, is to blame.

AL wrote the BOO tale. Nothing new about Vijay. He attempted to think up a scary story that would frighten everyone. But the narrative is weak and thoroughly out of date. Strange occurrences happening after a few individuals were stuck in a house has been seen on the film several times. In 2000, the unconventional filmmaker ram gopal varma created stories like Darna Mana Hai. This appears to be a shoddy replica.

The story begins slowly and foolishly, and a song also takes up time. The book and its chapters, which cover the topics of Hiccups, Lonely house, Soul Trapper, Uninvited Guest, and Haunted house, are then presented. The frightening sequences are simply viewed by viewers as comedies. This demonstrates the product's quality.

Although the pre-climax and climax are mildly entertaining, there are no thrills, and even then, the logic is thrown out the window. Viewers breathe a sense of relief as the movie comes to a close. The film's extremely brief running time is its single redeeming feature. The script and directing of AL. Vijay would make even a novice seem foolish.

Regarding the technical values, not much can be said. The cinematography of sandeep K Vijay is not particularly noteworthy. Just before going to bed, he put a camera inside the residence. The camera angles are not particularly high. The music of GV. Prakash Kumar is poor. He attempted to improve the scenes with his mediocre BGM. It's okay to edit. Production values are acceptable, but the dialogue is ridiculous.

Overall, A Silly horror Flick

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