Manipur violence: Why cremation of dead bodies taking longer?

According to sources close to the state government, things have not yet returned to normal in the state. According to intelligence sources, if dead bodies from other community transit through places where other communities predominate, violence may erupt once more. As a result, measures are being carefully taken. The Intelligence Bureau (IB) is holding frequent talks to find a peaceful way to bury the bodies, according to officials with knowledge of the situation.

"The government's delay"

State administration is not prepared to turn over the bodies, claiming a number of concerns, according to ITLF spokesperson Ginja Wuljong. Senior home Ministry representatives visited Lamka (Churchandpur) a few weeks ago to talk about the burial, but they were unable to come to an agreement." Nevertheless, rumors have it that the final ceremonies were finished by the deadline the supreme court specified. 

Family prepared for the funeral

The cause of the final rites for the bodies of those slain in the unrest in Manipur has been taken up by social organizations on both sides. Lalboi Lungdim, 32, a Kuki youth, was beaten to death on May 4 in Imphal by a crowd. "We have faith in ITLF to handle Kukis' case," adds his father, Ngamthang Lungdin. ITLF and the government ought to convene and promptly make a determination. Before burying my son's body, I would like to bring it home for a few hours." Lungdim isn't by herself. Many families in the state are hoping that the ITLF and the state government would come to an amicable agreement so that the issue may be settled. 

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