Telangana Election: Everything is prepared for results...

The counting centres have three tiers of security set up, according to CEO Vikasraj. For counting, a total of 1766 tables were prepared. According to him, there are 28 tables being set up in six constituencies under the ghmc that have more than 500 polling places, and there are 14 tables in the remaining constituencies. At every counting table, four election workers will be present. Each table has two assistants, a counting supervisor, and a micro observer assigned to it.

First-round postal ballot counting

Voter mail-in ballots will be counted starting at eight in the morning. The EVM vote count will begin at 8:30 after thirty minutes. The EVM and postal ballot counts will proceed simultaneously if there are more votes from the postal ballots. The final round of voting will not begin until the postal ballot count is finished if it is not finished before then.

Is that Pragati Bhavan's color?

The image was posted by BRS leader Krishank, who claimed that KCR's confidence is reflected in the way pragathi Bhavan is being painted in new hues. According to party sources, the leaders of the party are preparing for Samburas on sunday at telangana Bhavan. Additionally, candidates in the constituencies are confident that kcr will serve as chief minister three times.

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