Russian President Vladimir Putin, known for his controversial tenure, is reportedly in a new romantic relationship at the age of 71. According to local media reports, Putin is said to be romantically involved with 39-year-old Ekaterina Mizulina, creating a buzz about the 32-year age gap between them. Ekaterina is the daughter of Elena Mizulina, a pro-Putin senator who currently heads the Kremlin-backed "Safe Internet League." 

The league's primary goal is to combat and denounce criticism of russia and Putin, especially in the context of the ongoing war with Ukraine. Ekaterina, described as bearing a resemblance to a Barbie doll, joined the "Safe Internet League" in 2017, having previously worked as a translator for Russian delegations in China. Ukrainian media outlets have been publishing articles suggesting the authenticity of Putin's alleged affair with Ekaterina. The news was brought to light by a report in the Daily Mail.

Putin's personal life has been shrouded in mystery, including his divorce from his wife Lyudmila in 2014, after a marriage that lasted about 30 years. Earlier reports had linked Putin to Olympic gold Medallist Alina Kabayeva, with whom he was rumoured to have three children. The recent revelation of a new romantic connection has stirred public interest and speculation about Putin's personal life, adding another layer of intrigue to the controversial president's legacy.

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