A remarkable discovery has been made in the amazon Rainforest, where wildlife tv presenter professor Freek Vonk encountered a new species of snake believed to be the world's largest. This enormous serpent, identified as a Northern Green Anaconda, measures an impressive 26 feet in length and weighs around 200 kg. professor Vonk, along with a team of 14 scientists from nine countries, made this ground breaking discovery during a scientific expedition.

The snake's physical characteristics are awe-inspiring, with a head comparable in size to a human head and a body as wide as a car tyre. In a video shared on social media by professor Vonk, the 40-year-old presenter fearlessly swims alongside the colossal anaconda, showcasing the remarkable encounter.

This discovery challenges the previous understanding of anacondas in the amazon, as researchers have identified the Northern Green Anaconda as a distinct species from the commonly known Giant Anaconda. The genetic analysis revealed a substantial 5.5 % difference in genes between this newfound species and other anacondas. This significant genetic divergence is analogous to the distinction between humans and chimpanzees, highlighting the unique nature of the Northern Green Anaconda.

The scientific community has officially designated this newly identified anaconda as Eunectes akaima, emphasizing its separate classification from the previously known anaconda species. The finding underscores the incredible biodiversity present in the amazon Rainforest and offers valuable insights into the diverse and complex ecosystems of this vital natural environment.

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