Particularly in light of other incidents, the current stone-attacking episode in vijayawada that injured jagan has raised questions about the TDP's position. Previously, during CBN's time as Chief Minister, jagan, an opposition leader, was attacked at vizag airport. The YSRCP made use of the issue to win support in the 2019 elections. 

At the moment, tdp was positioned defensively. Now that the roles have reversed, tdp is taking advantage of the situation to criticise YSRCP for the vijayawada event, calling it “Kodi Kathhi 2.0.” However, jagan criticized it as a drama that was started in response to the election campaign's lackluster reception, calling it "Kodikatti drama 2.0 version."

According to telugu Desam State President Atchannaidu, the DGP and the Intelligence IG were responsible for orchestrating the event as part of the YSRCP's pre-planning. tdp expressed issues with the security setup during the incident, pointing to specific examples including the usage of bulletproof sheets in the absence of a power source and the police's inability to scatter the crowd following the attack. This time, tdp didn't take long to reveal the occurrence and blame Jagan's bus tour's lacklustre reception. The prompt action taken by both parties highlights the complex political factors that surround these kinds of tragedies in Andhra Pradesh.

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