Up until a week ago, both telugu states were experiencing intense political pressure. As a result, the public's focus was only on politics, and all movie releases were suspended. The most recent film by actor satyadev, "Krishnamma," opened in theatres this past Friday, May 10. Given the current climate, it was to be anticipated that it did not receive much attention. Now, precisely seven days have passed since "Krishnamma" debuted on amazon Prime Video, an over-the-top service.
The movie didn't do well in theatres, but it also didn't receive bad reviews. Reviews were mediocre, characterising it as a standard vengeance drama. It appears that Prime intended to benefit by streaming it in less than a week. Since so few people saw the film in theatres, let's hope it receives some praise on OTT at the very least.
Satyadev appears amid Krishnamma's undeveloped landscape. He has previously appeared in tough avatars, but this time he goes above and beyond. He manages to inject some extra intensity throughout the key mass moments, and his appearance, body language, and sentence delivery are all strong points. Everything is alright, but satya dev won't find anything to remember from this experience. He would have had a lot more to think about if the writing and events had been more in-depth.

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