Babu's new ministerial category is appropriately measured..!

- Babu's cabinet leaving the stereotyped formula aside.
- In five years, Babu made more ministers by looking for struggling people.
-Chandrababu had changed his priority in terms of castes.

Chandrababu, a key leader in the coalition government formed in the state, has chosen his team. Apart from himself, he formed a cabinet with 24 people. Mainly 20 seats were kept for TDP. That means, 20 ministers were selected from TDP. The remaining three positions were given to Jana Sena. Similarly, one seat has been allotted to the BJP. When it comes to TDP, the positions have been given in an appropriate manner.
Especially Chandrababu has always been known to give great importance to the loyalty of heroes. Similarly, there is an impression that some families are also given priority. But, this time only Chandrababu wiped them out. Palakollu mla Ramanaidu is an example of this type of allocation. At the same time, repalle mla satya Prasad was also given a ticket in the bc quota. At the same time, Chandrababu also erased the impression that only one social class was given priority.

All social classes are also given priority. Especially, Chandrababu gave a chance to the kuruba social class who did not get a place in the last five years of rule. Also, strong leaders were taken from the Reddys. Even those belonging to the kamma social class said goodbye to stereotypes. By unexpectedly giving a chance to Paiyavula Keshav and Gottipati ravi this time, it was clear that Chandrababu had changed his priority in terms of castes. Overall, Chandrababu's cabinet has sent signals that it is measuring appropriately.

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