Begumpet, hyderabad, was the newest sighting of internet star Dolly Chaiwala, who is renowned for his distinctive chai preparation method and eccentric wardrobe. The internet is buzzing with a video of him coming in a fancy Mercedes, posing for pictures, and mingling with admirers.

Dolly has gained popularity on the internet thanks to his eye-catching sunglasses, quirky haircuts, gold chains, Bluetooth earphones, and self-assured demeanor. Dolly Ki Tapri, his roadside tea station, is often full of people who come to watch his unusual technique of pouring tea. Besides running his tea stall, Dolly Chaiwala manages a popular YouTube channel named ‘Dolly Ki Tapri Nagpur’ with 1.65 million subscribers

Dolly Chaiwala started as a modest tea stand owner in nagpur and has risen to global renown despite having little formal schooling. One of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates, once flew from the US to sample Dolly's unique tea. The popular blogger received an invitation to hyderabad to demonstrate how to make his specialty tea. 

In addition to operating his tea stand, Dolly Chaiwala is the owner of the well-known "Dolly Ki Tapri Nagpur" YouTube channel, which has over 1.65 million subscribers, and an instagram account with more than 3.4 million followers. He's been spotted meeting celebrities and around the globe.

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