These are the major problems for Ananda Babu's minister chance..!?

* These are the real reasons why Ananda Babu did not get the post of minister
* Ananda Babu did not get the post because of giving the post to kondapi MLA.
* guntur political calculations also hindered Anandq's position as Minister.

A prominent political leader of ap and former minister Nakka Ananda Babu needs no special introduction. vemuru is one of the key constituencies of the joint guntur district and anand Babu, who won as mla from this constituency in the 2009 and 2014 elections, lost in the 2019 elections but won again as mla in the 2024 elections. Earlier, Ananda Babu was working as sc & st Welfare minister during the tdp rule. In this election too, after anand Babu won with a huge majority, everyone thought that he would get the post of minister, but it happened differently. While vemuru is an sc constituency, kondapi mla is indirectly responsible for this leader not getting the post.
Dola Sri bala Veeranjaneya Swamy won as mla from sc reserved kondapi constituency in this election. In the 2019 election, when there was Jagan's wave in ap, it was reported that Dola Sri bala Veeranjaneya Swamy's victory as mla was a plus for him. Nakka anand Babu's failure to get a ministerial post has made his followers and fans a little sad. One of the reasons why Nakka anand Babu did not get the ministerial post is also the fact that many leaders from the joint guntur district got a place in the center and the state cabinet. Nakka anand Babu, who completed his BL from Andhra University, played a key role in the development of Vemuru.

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