Not just in the kannada cinema business but around the nation, the recent arrest of kannada Superstar actor Darshan in connection with the death of a fan has generated a lot of discussion. Actors and actresses from all around the nation have been talking about the incident since it happened.
Known for her roles in kannada, Tamil, and telugu films, actress kasthuri Shankar recently discussed Darshan's situation in an interview with a private channel. Sending vulgar texts to Pavithra Gowda, in kasthuri Shankar's opinion, is wrong. She also questioned who gave Renukaswamy the authority to do so.

She also underlined that everyone's private life is their own business and should not be subject to public scrutiny. Personal lives should not be encroached upon. social media users began to harass her after learning about her stance on protecting a murderer. They contend that Darshan is a cold-blooded killer and that nothing can excuse his deeds. It is expressed that Pavithra Gowda could have easily reported Renukaswamy to cybercrime police or just banned him on social media. What right does she have to have her purported boyfriend, Darshan, kill someone?

Kasthuri Shankar emphasised the need of protecting individual privacy once more. Although she agreed that violence should never be condoned, she also brought up the fact that Renukaswamy, the departed victim, had harassed Pavithra Gowda with sexual texts, which was unacceptable as well. "How much can one tolerate?" she said.
Darshan has the backing of kasthuri Shankar. She said that in Darshan's case, the public's engagement in pestering celebrities and sending hurtful remarks had gone too far. She also discussed the tragic conclusion of the event, in which Renukaswamy was killed as a result of increasing violence.

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