Pushpa - The Rule's second installment has been rescheduled from august 15 to a later date. The movie's producers have said that it will open in theatres on december 6th of this year. In essence, this indicates that pushpa 2 is coming out precisely three years after the first portion. This is a very abnormally long wait, considering that the highly anticipated pushpa sequel was completed in just two years after the release of the highly successful Baahubali sequel.

This begs the question: Given that the public only has a clear recall of the first installment, will the three-year lapse destroy the buzz and enthusiasm around pushpa 2? The temporal difference doesn't really important, if we use the kgf duology as a benchmark for this. Therefore, the answer would be no. Regarding kgf, the first installment was published in 2018 and the second in 2022.

Even after a four-year break, the sequel didn't disappoint, earning an incredible Rs 1000+ crore at the movie office. When it comes to pushpa 2, the gap may or may not hamper the movie. Creating a high-quality product that appeals to a broad audience will be the main goal here. sukumar may not care too much about the other factors if he checks this option.

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