The problem of stray dogs in urban areas appears to be endless since there have been reports of these dogs specifically attacking youngsters. It is discovered that youngsters are the victims in over 50% of cases. A six-year-old youngster was recently mauled to death in a waste yard in Maktha, Miyapur, by stray dogs. This was just one of several random attacks on kids that have happened recently.

Although the hyderabad municipal corporation-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>greater hyderabad municipal corporation maintains that, according to standards, canines should be left in their original location after being caught and vaccinated, local people are demanding that the dogs be removed from their neighborhood. dogs cannot be moved to the outskirts of a city or to an abandoned region.

Dogs have been known to bite children more frequently, with an increase in dog bite instances. To protect our children, we implore the relevant authorities to remove the dogs from our neighborhood," secunderabad resident T. Seetharam stated.

Animal advocates claim that the current state of affairs is nothing more than an animal-human struggle, with children being easy pickings. parents frequently neglect to watch after their children when they are out on the roadways. Children should learn from their parents not to make fun of or harm stray dogs. dogs often defend themselves by attacking when they perceive danger, according to P.Pridhvi of the NGO Citizens for Animals.

According to Prithvi, ghmc officials should make sure that there are no more dog attack instances by adhering to all dog protection regulations.

In addition to the Animal Birth Control-cum-Anti Rabies (ABC-AR) initiative, the civic organization has launched an awareness campaign among the public about safety and ways to prevent dog attacks. It has also trained owners of non-vegetarian businesses, hotels, and restaurants on the proper way to behave.

Dogs who exhibit violent behavior, are thought to be rabid, or have behavior change must be identified by ghmc and brought to the facility. After being sterilized, they should be returned to the same location and observed for a few days. This will guarantee that dogs' mental health is not compromised, according to animal campaigners.

Some recent incidents:

*June 2024- six-year-old boy mauled to death in Miyapur.

*April 2024 – two-an-a-half-year-old girl dies in dog attack in Jeedimetla.

*February 2024 – One-year-old boy mauled to death in Shamshabad.

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