Once again, tomatoes are getting red hot. Prices for the fruit, which in june and July of last year turned some farmers into crorepatis, are starting to soar once more; in Zaheerabad on Monday, a kilogram of tomatoes was sold for Rs. 100. A kilo of tomatoes is currently being offered for Rs. 80 on Sunday, while prices in khammam are creeping closer to Rs. 100. The prices in the former karimnagar are nearly same.

Not only are tomatoes becoming more expensive, but prices for other veggies, such as onions, and necessities are also rising throughout the State. When tomatoes were initially offered for sale in the first week of june in the former medak district, they cost between Rs. 30 and Rs. 100 in various vegetable markets. The vegetable, which is a staple in telangana homes, was available in Zaheerabad for Rs. 100.

Tomatoes are often supplied to markets in the districts of sangareddy, Siddipet, and medak by local farmers as well as the bowenpally market in hyderabad and Vantimamidi in Siddipet. On the other hand, fewer tomatoes are arriving at these marketplaces than in prior months. onions used to sell for between Rs. 20 and Rs. 25 per kg a fortnight ago, but due to a shortage in the market, prices have increased to between Rs. 50 and Rs. 60 per kg. Similarly, ridge gourds are also priced between Rs. 80 and Rs. 100 per kg.

In the past, medak also saw a price increase for cluster beans, reaching Rs. 80 per kg. In just a few weeks, the price of green chili increased dramatically from Rs. 80 per kg to Rs. 120 per kg. The cost of leafy greens, such as mint and coriander, has also increased. sangareddy resident K Padmini, a housewife, said that despite paying Rs. 600 at the market, she was still unable to buy enough veggies since their costs had increased.

Tomato gets costlier in karimnagar too
Tomatoes are now being sold in karimnagar for Rs. 100 a kilogram, up Rs. 20 in only one day. On Monday, the fruit cost Rs. 80 per kg; but, on Tuesday, it increased in price by an additional Rs. 20. Tomatoes typically cost between Rs. 20 and Rs. 40 per kilogram locally. Over the previous three weeks, it had progressively climbed, reaching Rs. 80 by the previous week. The primary cause of the price spike is being attributed to the lack of local crops. The district's vegetable orchards were in great demand because of unseasonal rainfall and hailstorms, followed by extremely high temperatures, which are all reported to have impacted production.

Tomatoes from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, and Chittoor, Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, are being imported by traders. beans are offered for Rs. 160 per kg at the former karimnagar, kidney beans for Rs. 120 per kg, ridge gourd and bitter gourd for Rs. 100, and brinjal for Rs. 80. A kilogram of okra was being offered for Rs 60.
Private employee M Janardhan stated in an interview with india Herald that they are now using fewer tomatoes when making curries. In addition to other veggies, he often buys a kilogram of tomatoes. But, he added, the amount has dropped to half a kilogram.

Retail vegetable merchant Kanakaiah asserted that customers were not happy about tomatoes' rising prices. Clients were now purchasing half as much as they would have, previously purchasing over one kilogram. Some were avoiding tomatoes completely, according to the Thimmapur resident who sells veggies at the Rythu Bazaar here.



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