Known for his staunch opposition to immigration, former US President donald trump said on thursday (local time) that international students who complete their college degrees in the US ought to be granted a green card immediately, allowing them to remain in the nation.
He emphasized the importance of keeping the world's best brains in the US who choose to remain there and have ideas that might help the nation. In an episode of the All-In podcast, which is hosted by several venture capitalists, trump stated, "You graduate from a college, I think you should get automatically as part of your diploma a green card to be able to stay in this country, and that includes junior colleges too."

When the presenter asked whether he would swear to "give us the ability to import the best and brightest around the world to America," he put forth the concept. Notably, throughout his campaign, the former president spoke harshly about illegal immigration. He recently attacked President Joe Biden for failing to stop the flow of illegal migrants across the border.
Trump's strict immigration policies are well-known. Politico reports that he has pledged to carry out mass deportations, terminate birthright citizenship, and reinstate his ban on individuals from specific Muslim-majority countries entering the US.

Just 452 miles of the wall had been constructed by the time trump left office, despite his repeated promises to build a wall along the US-Mexico border during his term as president.
It's unclear, though, if Trump's recommendation also extends to anyone who entered the US illegally.
"I've heard of tales of individuals who, after graduating from a prestigious university or college, were determined to stay here and had an idea for a business. And they are unable to," trump was cited by Politico.

Even if a person graduates at the top of their class, they are unable to negotiate a contract with a business because they do not believe they will be allowed to remain in the nation. That will stop on the first day," he continued.


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