Pawan's One-Man Show in the Assembly..!?

* Pawan's entry into the assembly for the first time.
* One-man show in assembly.
* people should be shown the role of janasena in the government.

In the state of andhra pradesh, a new generation of politics has come to the fore. janasena leader Pawan Kalyan, who won as an mla for the first time in his life, also took charge as the Deputy Chief Minister. pawan kalyan took the oath as a divine witness and took responsibility as a public representative in the wake of the commencement of the ap assembly meetings. Everyone got goosebumps when pawan kalyan took the oath. Such a Pawan Kalyan, like a hero in movies. people of ap want to rise in the assembly from now on and not his fans. They want to show Pawan Kalyan's movie to the opposition leaders as shown in the movies. At the same time, they say that if any representative of the people in the government commits a mistake, the assembly should be suspended.
People especially want pawan kalyan to see the 175 constituencies in ap equally. The people of all the constituencies should get development and welfare schemes. They say that pawan kalyan should be questioned in the assembly so that everyone gets the schemes. If talking about any subject, pawan kalyan has to speak with a full understanding of it. If Chandrababu who is the chief minister makes any mistakes, pawan kalyan should also be set. We should not sleep that we are in the government. At the same time, people should be shown the role of janasena in the government. pawan kalyan has to prove his faith in the assembly platform. Also, fellow member pawan kalyan should take the initiative to move ahead with discipline. politics of conspiracy should be avoided towards opposition leaders. After watching Pawan Kalyan's assembly speeches, the youth should also come into politics. Only then Pawan Kalyan's political entry will be successful.

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