Actor-turned-politician kamal haasan issued a divisive speech on sunday in response to the recent hooch disaster, which resulted in around 53 deaths. Haasan chastised the victims for "exceeding their limit" and called them "careless." After seeing survivors at a nearby hospital, kamal haasan told reporters that there is an abundance of legally permitted alcohol establishments in tamil Nadu, saying that “the state-run TASMAC has more liquor retail outlets than pharmacies.”

Haasan offered the victims a combination of censure and sympathy. I can't claim that I don't feel sorry for these victims. However, these victims must realize they have overreached and acted irresponsibly. He said, "They need to take care of their health and be cautious. With the words, "It has to be occasional drinking, social drinking, if at all," he underlined the importance of moderation. He went on to say that consuming too much of anything, including sweets or alcohol, is bad. "They have to know that going overboard in any way—with sugar or anything else—is not good. And this is unavoidably awful," he said.

Social media users have responded harshly to Kamal Haasan's remarks. "They died NOT because they exceeded limits of drinking but because they consumed methanol-adulterated alcohol and they would have died EVEN IF they drank it ONLY ONCE occasionally/socially as you advise," a user said, accusing him of backing the DMK administration. Another user said, "This is the sad reality that public figures speak such nonsense openly by blaming the victims," expressing displeasure at Haasan's remarks.

Others who drew attention to the discrepancy between his on-screen persona and his actual behavior also voiced criticism. He portrays indian 2 in films to fight corruption and speak out against dishonest politicians and administrations. However, as one commenter pointed out, he is a puppet of Dravidian philosophy.

Haasan came under heavy fire from a different commenter who said, "The unfortunate victims who died drinking methanol didn't die exceeding their limits." He had to get into a DMK government-run mental health facility right away. In the middle of this controversy, kamal haasan is getting up for two big releases in the coming weeks: indian 2 and kalki 2898 AD.

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