In addition to her fascinating on-screen persona, rashmika mandanna is well-known for her charming gestures, lovely emotions, and admirable approach towards her admirers. The actress has been having a difficult time lately because of her demanding work schedule, which necessitates frequent short-distance travel.
When the pushpa phenomenon was recently seen going back home, the video became viral online very fast. Loved by many, the image sparked inquiries in the comments section as fans expressed their wonder and affection for her veiled face. As per usual, rashmika has explained the situation in response to supporters' worries about her.

Earlier, one of her fan pages shared a post that talked about the possible reasons behind the Animal actress wearing a mast at recent airport spottings. The X user wrote, “For the past few days, we have noticed that #RashmikaMandanna wears a mask at the airport, preventing fans from seeing her face.”

The post continued with the hope of seeing her face again. The user continued, “I am wondering what the reason behind this could be. Perhaps she doesn't want to reveal her look for an upcoming movie… Hopefully, next time we get to see her face.”
In response to the fan’s sweet gesture, rashmika mandanna took to her X handle and shed light on the same. She revealed that her hectic schedule is affecting her skin, and for the same, she has been wearing a mask to take care of it. The dear comrade star wrote, “Aww.. all the hectic schedules are taking a toll on my skin so just giving it a lil time to rest..” She concluded her note with a heart emoji.

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