Recollect the notable Cadbury advertisement from the 1990s including a cricket match. The Good old advertisement bestowed a lady sitting in the stands during a cricket sport partaking in a chocolate bar and tending forward for the batsman playing on the field. When the cricketer scores, she zooms past the safety officer to contact him. 

The chocolate organization has helped everybody to remember the promotion by sharing another business giving a contort to the notable one. "Join Cadbury Dairy Milk in celebrating and rooting for our young ladies who are making fabulous examples of overcoming adversity and arising as amazing good examples for the adolescent," they composed while sharing the video. Investigate the video to perceive any reason why the new commercial is acquiring appreciation from netizens. 

The video, since being shared a couple of hours prior, has assembled in excess of 7,200 perspectives and the numbers are just expanding. Individuals have likewise shared thankful remarks hailing the idea. "Flawless promotion then, at that point... shockingly better now," composed a twitter client. "I so love this new promotion. Extraordinary," communicated another. "Splendid," communicated a third. 

While the wistfulness inspiring jingle 'Kuch Khaas Hai' plays behind the scenes, the observers figure the ball will get found out on the limit, however the batswoman figures out how to pull off a six. Her joyous sweetheart hurries to the ground in festival, sneaking past the security faculty and reproducing the famous dance moves that had shot model Shimona Rashi to popularity as the 'Cadbury Girl'.

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