Understand the entire business of donkey milk...

In india, there are three kinds of donkeys, the most well-known being the Khachhi, Hallari, and Spiti. North india and the states of rajasthan and maharashtra are the most common places to rear donkeys. In the past five years, donkey raising has grown significantly in popularity. Reason: Those who maintain it do so for financial gain.

Know its operations in three key areas:

1. A decline in the quantity of donkeys - Based on data from Basic Animal Husbandry, there were roughly 11 lakhs donkeys in 1956. which in 1997 came close to 8 lakhs. There are currently 1.20 lakh donkeys left in india, according to data from 2019. The building of roadways and the availability of automobiles are the primary causes of the reduction in the number of donkeys. It was formerly used to transport things, but due to cars, people now utilize it very little. The largest number of Dunki is twenty-three thousand in Rajasthan. In maharashtra, there are 18,000 Dunki, while in Uttar Pradesh, there are 16,000.

2. Donkey milk market: The global market for donkey milk was valued at 28.18 million dollars in 2019 and is projected to reach 68.14 million dollars by 2027, according to a survey by Allied Market Research. In terms of percentage, it is expanding between 2021 and 2027 at a CAGR of 9.4%. Donkey milk is a popular commodity in Europe, where it is mostly consumed in France, Italy, and Spain. india, China, and pakistan are three Asian nations where donkey milk is highly sought after. Its usage is rather high here as well.

3. Cost of donkey milk: In india, donkey milk typically costs Rs 1000. It is even Rs 1200 in certain locations. A donkey can yield up to 0.5 liters of milk each day on average. On average, one can profit from one donkey's milk for up to Rs 500 a day. A donkey produces milk for half the year. This claims that a donkey may make up to Rs 90,000 a year. A person can earn up to Rs 9 lakh a year from milk alone if they keep ten donkeys. In the market, donkey manure and its calf are also for sale. This amount is estimated to be sufficient to pay for the donkey's and the donkey's maintenance costs.

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