On the night of Nessa's death, CCTV evidence shows him looking over his shoulder, putting up his hood, and venturing to hide the red item.

People in the Kidbrooke neighbourhood recollect observing this man holding a red reflecting device, and possibly concealing it up to his sleeve. Detectives suspect the murderer was carrying a reflective red item on the night of Sabina Nessa's death, which may have been utilised in the attack, as the investigation into her death continues.

Two individuals have been seized on suspicion of Nessa's crime so far, although they have not been charged. Nessa was slain while walking five minutes from her home to meet a friend at a pub. She left her house in south london quickly before 8:30 p.m. on september 17 to go to The Depot Bar in Kidbrooke Village's Pegler Square. She never showed up, and her corpse was found in the park the next day. According to Detective Inspector Joe Garrity, Sabina's travel should have lasted just over five minutes, yet she never came to her destination. The policemen, on the other hand, stated the postmortem performed was inconclusive. So the mystery is not unveiled yet.

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