How hackers trick with phishing URL?

About 35 percent of cyber crime incidents are related to phishing URLs. Cybercriminals create some new URL and make it viral and make people a victim of fraud. Let us know how phishing URL targets?

Phishing URL is a type of fraud link. It can be in the form of email, message. You will be asked for information through the URL. Once you click on the given link, you will be taken to the fake web page. During this, if you fill the requested information there, then you will fall in the trap of thugs and all the information will go to the hackers' server.

The email sent to you also contains an attached file which is asked to download. If you download this file, then a malware will be automatically installed in your laptop or other device. After its installation, hackers can easily steal information from your device.

1. Quiz Scam

Hackers send a message or email to the device containing a link to the phishing URL in the name of winning the prize in the quiz.

2. KYC upgrade scam

The link for registration along with the message of KYC upgrade is also a phishing URL through which your information can be collected.

3. Bank's Fake App

Messages coming to download the fake app of the bank are also phishing URLs. They should not be opened at all.

4. Fake Shopping Websites

Many times messages of attractive offers are sent in the name of shopping on fake shopping websites.

5. Phishing URL in the Name of job Registration

It is important to avoid URLs that come with the link which has the message of job registration.

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