Google has filed a writ in delhi High court against the Competition Commission of india (CCI) for allegedly leaking a secret report on the company's inquiry. google stated in a statement that it wants to stop CCI's investigative arm from disclosing sensitive information in the future.
Google is contesting the violation of trust, which jeopardises Google's capacity to defend itself and damages google and its partners. "This private complaint has not yet been received or reviewed by google," according to the company.

India's competition regulator is the CCI. It is a statutory authority of the indian government charged with implementing The Competition Act, 2002, encouraging competition across the country, and prohibiting actions that have a significant negative impact on competition.
After multiple reports this week claimed that CCI's investigation arm, the Director-General (DG), determined that google is engaging in unfair commercial practises in regard to Android, google has moved to the High Court.

While in the possession of the CCI, the director General's Report, which contains google's private and confidential information in an ongoing investigation, explicitly denouncing the breach of confidence, which harmed google and its partners and harmed Google's capacity to defend itself, was leaked to the media, according to a google spokesman. google is exercising their legal right to seek redress and prevent any additional unlawful disclosures by pursuing its legal right to seek redress and prevent any further unlawful disclosures.

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