Deodorant Cardiac Arrest: 14-year-old girl died...

Nowadays people are using a lot of deodorants i.e. Deo or Perfume in order to avoid the smell of sweat. At the same time, many people rely more on the use of deo instead of bathing in winter. But, continuous use of deo can prove to be dangerous for you. 

Actually, due to the chemicals present in the deo, not only rashes and swelling can occur, but it also increases the risk of many dangerous diseases. Recently, such a shocking accident has come to the fore, which has become a matter of concern among the people. In fact, after smelling aerosol deodorant in Britain, a 14-year-old girl died due to cardiac arrest.

A baby girl died due to Dio

Doctors said that 14-year-old girl georgia Green suffered a cardiac arrest after accidentally inhaling the aerosol. georgia was absolutely fit and healthy and she had never been seriously ill before. But that day she sprinkled deodorant in her room, after which georgia was found dead in the room itself. Georgia's parents told that she was autistic and she was relieved by spraying deo in the room.

Your deodorant can be fatal

Toxic and poisonous chemicals and gas are present in the aerosol of deodorant. Because of this, it can also prove fatal. Experts believe that such incidents are not limited to children only, such incidents can be avoided by spreading awareness. Apart from this, it is very important to keep children away from them. Talcum powder can be used instead of deo.

What are its symptoms?

Chest pain

inexplicable wheezing


fainting or dizziness

feeling lightheaded

irregular heartbeat


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