Sharp eyesight in one week..!? A drop of ghee is enough..!?

Working from home, constantly looking at mobile phones all day, and lack of proper sleep can affect the eyes. Eyesight can be damaged due to various defects. But some problems can be solved by natural means. Some natural remedies can be used to improve vision in the eyes. According to Ayurveda, it is recommended to use tritoshik for the eyes. To do this Triphala should be soaked in water overnight. Strain it in the morning and wash your eyes 2 times. This will try to decrease the pressure on the eyes. Eyesight improves.
Almonds, black pepper, and honey can help improve eyesight. 2 to 4 crushed black pepper and hot milk mixed with 4 to 5 soaked almonds after waking up in the morning will improve eyesight. Drinking 2 to 5 teaspoons of gooseberry juice mixed with warm water every day can overcome eyesight defects to some extent. Gooseberry contains vitamin c and antioxidant properties. It is advised to do Padapayanga to improve eyesight. That means you should massage your feet thoroughly with cow ghee before going to bed. Meditate to improve your vision by sitting in front of a candle in a dark room or staring at a single point for a while. This is called Tratak Karma. Use these tips to improve eyesight and reduce eye strain. Consult a doctor for any other specific eye problem.

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