Chennai Pallavaram market is held every week on Friday. This market has been around for over 150 years and has some unique features.

Pallavaram Market is one of the famous markets of Chennai. Many traders from outside districts also engage in business in this market. Some traders come here on Fridays to collect their produce and sell it in the market. Many already own shops. But they come here on Fridays to do extra business. Currently, the road running parallel to Current South Road has a weekly market on Fridays from 4 am to 11 pm.

Poor people's supermarket: Pallavaram friday Market is a supermarket for common people as all kinds of products are available at cheap prices. All kinds of products are available in this market. From home cooking items, vegetables to electronics to antiques and idols are available here.

Especially, antique coins are widely available in the shops in this market. When we see the crowds thronging the shops to buy these coins, we can understand that many people in tamil Nadu are in the habit of collecting coins.

Pets.. - In this market domestic pets (dog, cat) and all kinds of plants are available here. Because of this thousands of people visit this market. The traders there say that up to 50 thousand people visit this market every week. A famous shop located in this market is '90 Kids Candy Shop'. The shop has more than 25 candies reminiscent of the 90s at very low prices. Many people visit the market for this shop. Also, this store is the choice of many children.

Pallavaram Market and Nawabs - This market was originally a goat and cow market on Chandi Street in Pallavaram and was shifted to Old GST Road near Trishulam railway station only a few years ago. Many traders from different districts of tamil Nadu do business here every Friday. Every week there is a trade of many lakhs of rupees.

Why is this market held on Friday? - Many people may have this question. During the rule of Nawab of Arcot in tamil Nadu, friday weekly market came into existence. They also had some palaces in madras (Chennai). friday used to be a feast day for the Nawabs. Thus, they bought large quantities of cattle and meat on Fridays. This effectively increased the sales and the seller's economy during those days. Since then, this market is open only on Fridays.

It is no exaggeration to say that this Pallavaram market with interesting products offers a great shopping experience to all who visit there.

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