Naresh's glamor secret is pumpkin juice in the morning..!?

It is known that 63-year-old naresh is changing like 36-year-old Naresh. naresh completely changed his getup due to the recent movie. He is looking like a young man. Hairstyle...glasses for eyes..t-shirt...jeans are the same? That's when Naresh's style changed completely. Along with him, lokesh -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>pavitra lokesh also did not reduce in terms of styling. naresh is being highlighted in all the interviews and photo sessions together.
In general, celebrities are very careful about their fitness. naresh seems to be taking more care these days. naresh weight also seems to have lost. And making this for the film? Would you personally continue with the same getup next? That should be seen. But in the context of starting a new life with Pavitri Lokesh! naresh shares everything with lokesh -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>pavitra lokesh without hiding anything about love. In this background, he also revealed his glamor secret. Drink glazed pumpkin juice in the morning. This is a long-standing habit. He said that it is still going on. What's the glamor secret? It means that each one tells a secret about something. nagarjuna Waters...Chiranjeevi Being Excited...Mahesh Diet Control Some have some specialties.

So naresh got pumpkin juice. Also, they take a lot of care in terms of fitness. Regular gym...maintain a proper diet. This is Naresh's habit from time immemorial. As an actor, he is always busy. Apart from star hero films, he also plays key roles in small hero films.

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