Kamal Haasan has been under fire from singer chinmayi Sripada, who accused lyricist vairamuthu of sexually abusing her and for supporting the wrestlers' protest but remaining silent about her Me Too claims. chinmayi asked on twitter, "How does one believe politicians who preach for women's protection yet they disregard harassment right beneath their noses?

Sinmayi tweeted in response to Kamal Haasan's post regarding the protests by wrestlers, "5 years of a singer in tamilnadu being banned for calling a molester right in front of their eyes and not a pip about it since the poettu has their respect. How can one believe in politicians who advocate for women's safety while ignoring harassment that is happening right in front of them? Just. Asking. I'm going to leave right now as my timeline erupts in screaming, ranting, and abuse. Buhbye!."

Chinmayi received criticism from Kamal Haasan's followers on twitter shortly after making her remark. She continued by responding to a few tweets that questioned her decision to criticise Kamal Haasan. She said, "Needless to say there is soooo much anger," in a subsequent tweet. Many kamal haasan supporters ask me the same questions that those who are against our indian wrestlers have expressed, which are "rape apologist" and "survivor shaming." The same strategy is used to humiliate women who expose powerful molesters. The DMK, BJP, and MNM are all the same. The only difference is in the language.


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