Shakeela, an adult actress in malayalam, is well-known in tollywood as well. In several well-known films including Jayam, Nijam, Dhool, and Kobbari Matta, she played character roles. shakeela made her comeback through the tamil reality programme "Cooku With Comali" on Vijay tv after a protracted absence. Fans of the show really respected her contribution and now refer to her as "Shakeela Amma."

She spoke openly about her prior life and the difficulties she faced during an interview. There is a lot of false information out there about me, said Shakeela. I don't actually possess a nice flat or a BMW, despite what my Wikipedia article claims. I continue to live in a leased home. She also pondered on her history and shared how she graciously handed her sister all the proceeds from her adult video sales. I used to make Rs. 4 lakhs each day, shakeela said. I was very well-liked. But my sister stole everything, so I have nothing left over for myself.

Shakeela, meantime, recently made news for stating how mollywood megastar mammootty successfully impeded the release of her films. She is presently conducting interviews on a well-known YouTube channel. She said, "Even though they were mostly low-budget productions, my films presented a serious challenge to those starring superstars. I discovered that malayalam star mammootty, who was upset over this, made it difficult for my films to get released. In actuality, that was one of the things that made me cease performing in malayalam films. shakeela attracted headlines a few months ago when she took part in a demonstration in chennai alongside other flat dwellers.

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