Keerthi suresh is a popular actress who works in tamil and telugu films. He is now appearing in Rajinikanth's next flick 'Annatha.' In addition, keerthi suresh has a role in Arun Matheswaran's upcoming film Sanikkayitham. keerthi suresh, who has been in various tamil and telugu movies, has just begun producing her own cosmetics. In light of this, actress keerthi suresh has relocated to telangana to construct a shopping center. After that, crowds flocked to see keerthi suresh and she was mobbed around by followers.

In this case, a video of Keerthy suresh at the shopping mall mobbed by crowds has gone viral and Keerthy suresh escaped narrowly before her fans tried to misbehave with her. The actress came to the opening of the shopping complex with security guards and she came inside the mall through the car and she opened the car roof and was waving hands. She never stepped down out of the car at any moment to avoid trouble from the fans.

The actress clearly took cues from the earlier actresses who faced trouble in the crowd when they appeared before the public to open such shopping malls and complexes. She also never got down from the stage and she just waved hands from stage and she evacuated the place immediately without speaking anything and fans are elated just to see her.

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