Since the box office failure of the movie "Ramarao On Duty," many people are concerned about sudhakar Cherukuri, the project's producer, who stands to lose a lot of money. In the middle of this, reports have begun to circulate that hero Raviteja is about to return the all of his 17+ crores in compensation in order to save the production. To what extent is this true?

If we consider the ifs and buts of Raviteja returning the compensation, we are forced to conclude that the hero may never genuinely return money but will instead work on another project for the producer without accepting a significant salary. If rumours in the film industry are to be believed, Raviteja is just concerned with receiving large pay, and if a movie doesn't succeed, he might not return the money. But if he joins Ramarao On Duty, he might forego the "portion" he was meant to receive because it's claimed that he took about 20% of the pay as "theatrical rights" to a specific location.

Distributors might not make a big deal out of the losses as the movie was launched on a share basis in certain regions and sold for an average price in others. However, the already-sold satellite and wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital rights could be a blessing in disguise and help to at least partially offset the loss. We must wait to see what Raviteja would ultimately do to support his producer.

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