"Bimbisara" is based on the idea of time travel. We've seen a few movies in this genre, but the new filmmaker has added something fresh to the story: an evil king is sent into the future to discover just how evil and bad of a monarch he really was. The concept is intriguing. In order to get to the point, the new director Vashisht doesn't waste time. The account of king Bimbisara and his bad deeds are told quickly. After disparaging kalyan Ram, the movie reveals his twin brother, who is also portrayed by kalyan Ram.

The first hour of the drama is entirely set in the fifth century. Just before the intermission, the time travel element is introduced, and the action then shifts to the present. In contrast to earlier films, the past and present are parallel in this one. Any director will find that handling the concepts of time travel in the present-day sequences is the hardest. We've seen movies where angels or Yama visit Earth and get perplexed by how modern people live and use technology.

Thankfully, director Vashist just briefly follows the same road as those films. One such instance is the comedic segments with vennela kishore and Chammk Chandra.

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