The issue with "Bimbisara" is that it lacks a legitimate conflict. The character of the bad guy is very frail. There is no sentimental bond. Even the storyline about Bimbisara risking everything to save the kid he killed in the past is awkward. The main issue with this story is the resolution (the conclusion). deva Dutta, a second character, serves as a counterbalance to Bimbisara's evil. So, much like in a typical mass-market movie, when a hero plays a villain, the other character must be a decent guy.

Samyuktha Menen portrays a police officer. Do police act in that way? Although the new director Vashisht is adept at production design and visual effects, his script might need some polish. Even though the second half isn't as exciting, "Bimbisara" is still worth watching because of its more elaborate setting and time-travel component. The movie is also one of kalyan Ram's more skillfully produced recent works.

An average historical drama is not Bimbisara. Mallidi Vassishta, a new director, seems to have created a theme park era narrative around a concept that is straight out of his childhood imagination. What first appears to be a period time-travel movie that poses as a masala hero vehicle gains weight thanks to Nandamuri kalyan Ram's involvement.

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