Undoubtedly, the iconic scene from the movie "Gangubhai Kathiawadi" has star heroine alia bhatt dressed in a white cotton saree with a matching top, goggles, and swan-like movements. Now that many social media influencers and actors have attempted to nail that look, it's our very own niharika Konidela's turn.

Niharika dressed up as alia bhatt to attend a costume party last night. She is rather wonderful, we have to say, as she performs the turn-around in a seductive manner. Additionally, those goggles appear rather cool, especially considering how hotly the actress and producer attended the party. She claimed that she has channelled Gangu in this way and that she always finds costume parties to be lovable.

In terms of her professional endeavours, niharika recently created the online series hello World, although it hasn't gotten great reviews. She is reportedly planning to create two additional episodes. She is reportedly looking forward to returning to the big screen at the same time. For a costume party, niharika konidela dressed as alia Bhatt's most recent and well-known character, Gangu Bhai from the hit movie Gangubai Kathiawadi. She posted a number of images in and as Gangu, and we have to say, she killed it. niharika did a good job of emulating alia Bhatt's Gangu, down to the large bindi. social media is currently exploding with this post.

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