The enemy is around us, one day the Hindu festival will need police protection' To which is vivek Agnihotri pointing? vivek Agnihotri, director of 'The kashmir Files', remains in the discussion about his statements along with films. Whatever the issue from the country to the film world, they give their opinion. Now once again the director has come into the discussion about his statement.

Vivek Agnihotri is often seen expressing his opinion about some issue. Along with this, he is not afraid to target anyone with impunity. Now the director has tweeted about the Hindu-Muslim dispute, which has come into the limelight. On 23 September, he retweeted a tweet from east Leicester police and took his anger out on it. After the recent India-Pakistan match, there was anger among the people, due to which violence erupted. Given this, east Leicester police had tweeted saying that we are encouraging people to prepare for navratri and diwali as usual. A large number of police forces will be deployed on that day for all the communities.

After seeing this tweet, vivek could not keep calm with Agnihotri and he took out his anger while retweeting the tweet. He wrote- Who thought that a day would come when the Hindu community would need police protection to celebrate their biggest festivals? This is proof enough that the enemy is all around us and the danger is there.

This is not the first time that vivek Agnihotri has said something like this regarding an issue. Earlier, the director made a lot of rhetoric about the boycott trend. He had targeted Bollywood. vivek Agnihotri wrote on his twitter handle – Inside Story of bollywood – I have spent many years in bollywood to understand how it works. What you are seeing is not Bollywood. Real bollywood is to be found in its dark alleys. It is so dark and deep that the common man cannot even measure it.

He further wrote - Let's understand this. In these dark alleys, you will find broken dreams, crushed dreams, and buried dreams. If bollywood is a museum of stories, then it is also a graveyard of talent. It's not about rejection. Anyone who comes here knows that rejection is part of the deal.

Vivek further wrote – About bollywood humiliation and exploitation that breaks your dreams, hopes, and expectations. Man can survive without food, but it is impossible to live without respect, self-worth, and hope. No middle-class youth ever grew up imagining being in that position.

Vivek further said that it is very sad that someone gives up instead of fighting. Blessed are those who can return home. Those that remain are broken. people who get some success (not real), get involved in drugs, alcohol, and all kinds of things that ruin a life.

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