Both IT professionals Pradeep (Pradeep Ranganathan) and Nikitha (Ivana) are madly in love. Recently, yogi Babu, a dentist, proposed to Pradeep's sister divya (Raveena), and wedding preparations are underway. After his sister's wedding, pradeep agrees to meet with Nikitha's father and ask for her hand in marriage. But Nikitha's father Venu Sastry (Sathyaraj) recognises their love and extends an invitation to pradeep to stay with them. 

If they accede to Sastry's demand that they swap phones for a day, he will consent to their marriage. They reluctantly agree to it and switch phones. Do they plan to look at each other's phones? What problems would they encounter as a result of this unusual circumstance?  The movie has taken an extraordinary opening and has already done 2.25 Crores which is a huge amount! 

In addition to writing and directing the movie, pradeep Ranganathan also played the lead role. He reminds me of the neighbourhood kid. He makes a relatable performance. His arguments, annoyances, and emotional outbursts are all very normal. The principal actress, Ivana, is gorgeous and has strong acting abilities. She performs well in her position. yogi Babu, who also has a significant part, gives the proceedings some respectability. He exhibits the maturity needed for the position. Raveena does a great job as his future wife. Sathya raj and radhika Sarath Kumar are outstanding.

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