In the movie business, success is the decisive element. After a smash success, a filmmaker or a star is inundated with lucrative offers. pradeep Ranganathan, who directed love Today, is currently experiencing the same thing. With love Today, the young actor and director created a tamil smash that debuted to positive reviews in telugu as well.

Now, india Herald has unique knowledge that Pradeep's upcoming telugu movie would be released soon. We've been told that he's already signed a deal. pradeep has been hired by Srinivasa Chitturi, who recently directed The Warrior and is funding the Ram-Boyapati movie. He apparently also gave pradeep a small advance. Pradeep's next project will be this one right away, and further information will be released in due course. 

The telugu version of love Today debuted to favourable reviews, but box office receipts have not yet reached the anticipated level. However, it should have a productive weekend. love Today, directed by pradeep Ranganath and starring pradeep Ranganath, was released last month and quickly became a hit in Tamil. dil raju has released the film in Telugu-speaking countries as a result of demand. The telugu version of the movie was launched today to rave reviews.

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