The starlet's official team denounced the latest reports that samantha Ruth Prabhu had been admitted to the hospital. Here is an update on what is currently taking place with the queen Bee. According to a knowledgeable source, samantha is now truly doing well after turning to a novel Ayurvedic therapy to treat her myositis. The actress started receiving steroid therapy in the USA and maintained it in india because this ailment impairs the patient's immunity and produces muscle inflammation. 

She allegedly had a superb Ayurvedic therapy from Kerala-based doctors now. According to sources, she recovered in a remarkable way. Another piece of good news is that samantha has made the decision to visit the sets again soon. She is alleged to have told the kushi crew working with Vijay devarakonda that she will begin shooting in the second week of december after finishing her Ayurvedic treatments. 

As director Siva Nirvana prepares to complete up additional comedy parts for the movie, Kushi's producers intend to resume filming in the first week itself. samantha will undoubtedly amuse her admirers on instagram in a way that has never been seen before once she is back on the sets. The actress is most likely to offer prayers at tirumala and other sacred sites before stepping into action once more, according to rumours.

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