With Matti Kusthi, a funny sports comedy co-produced by ravi teja and helmed by Chella Ayyavu, vishnu Vishal, who debuted in telugu with FIR, returns. The actor claims that Matti Kusthi is mostly a love story rather than a sports movie. "Really, it's about ego conflicts between the husband and wife. Kusthi also appears in the movie. Everyone will be able to relate to it because it is a pure family entertainer. The trailer cut, according to vishnu Vishal, was really difficult.

"The movie contains a few little shocks that weren't seen in the trailer. Without any information, it would appear to be a typical love story. There will be no surprise left for the audience if we expose the main idea. So, we struck a balance. He said some intriguing things about feminism and the empowerment of women. "I feel that feminism and women's empowerment are misconstrued in some quarters nowadays. A woman shouldn't have to consider where she should and shouldn't stand. If a woman acts exactly the opposite of what a male says, that is not what is meant by "women empowerment." According to vishnu Vishal, the movie has a worthwhile message.

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