If we examine the recent lineup of films being produced by tollywood celebrities, it appears that our heroes are abandoning the endeavours they have begun but are actually continuing the movies that other celebrities had first approved but later cancelled. The fact that it has practically four scripts currently greatly surprises cinema fans. The news of ram Charan's upcoming film, which will be directed by Buchi Babu of Uppena fame, was revealed today. Jr. ntr was going to direct this movie, but the star chose koratala Siva's movie instead.

Having said that, it was also stated that koratala siva would star in that movie alongside Allu Arjun. But following Pushpa's triumph and Acharya's failure, the project suffered, and koratala is now working on it with tarak as #NTR30. However, before approving koratala siva, ntr was actually scheduled to work with Trivikram, and mahesh babu has now approved the same story for #SSMB28. Prior to signing Buchi Babu, Charan announced a project with gautham Tinnanuri of jersey fame, but eventually cancelled it.

According to rumors, Vijay devarakonda has now taken on the story and it will begin filming very soon. In tollywood, it's fairly uncommon for one star hero to pass on a project while another accepts it. However, the most recent fad is for one star hero to announce a project before later postponing it while another accepts it. That's an intriguing development now taking place in Tollywood.

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