A reputable publishing house recently published a piece regarding Prabhas' opulent jubilee hills villa. The story states that Prabhas' villa is situated on 84 acres and is thought to be worth about Rs 60 crores. "Prabhas' lavish jubilee hills farmhouse spread over 84 acres oozes Adipurush actor's simple taste," was the headline of the article that was published.

Shobu Yarlagdda, the director of Baahubali, posted this story on his social media accounts and made fun of it by writing, "Times Now, Really? What does "84 acres in Jubilee Hills" even mean to you guys? I suppose your reporters can publish any dreck with a famous name attached! Furthermore, how can "simple" and "lavish" coexist in the same sentence?

The land price in jubilee hills is roughly Rs. 1 lakh per sq. ft. Accordingly, an 84-acre villa will cost roughly 36,000 crores; in the story, it was noted that prabhas paid 60 crores for it. Many of these reputable publications, as Shobu correctly pointed out, likewise publish items without conducting any investigation or gaining any information, and a sizable portion of readers similarly accept this news as fact. By repeating and sharing Shobu's post, internet users are mocking the publication. On social media, Shobu is being thanked by Prabhas' supporters for calling out such false and ridiculous rumours.

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