After dominating the South with her performances, rashmika mandanna made a good hindi debut with the bollywood movie Goodbye. But thanks to Pushpa: The Rise's huge success in India, rashmika had already become a household name months before Goodbye hit theatres. Particularly from her album pushpa, the song Sami Sami has a fever that won't go away. After the movie's premiere in december 2021, rashmika frequently receives requests to perform the song's hook step.

However, rashmika recently admitted that she is sick of people asking her how she played Sami Sami in pushpa during a casual talk for the promotion of the film Goodbye, which has just been made available digitally on the platform. In an interview, the actress claimed that wherever she travels, people want her to dance to Sami Sami and inquire about the origin of the song. rashmika responded, "Like way I did Sami Sami," when asked about the one question that makes her think, "Not again. 

Everywhere I go, people demand me perform Sami Sai and they always inquire as to how I accomplished it. It's like put your bum out, put your leg straight, and do it, she added in a hilarious way.

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