The two Sankranthi 2023 films that were released under the same banner—Waltair Veerayya, starring megastar chiranjeevi, and Veera simha Reddy, starring Nandamuri Balakrishna—were successful at the box office. What do fans have to say about all the criticism, praise, debates, and remarks that have been made as these movies have begun their journey?

Regarding Waltair Veerayya, which stars megastar chiru, despite receiving mostly negative reviews from critics (most reviews ranged from 2.25 to 2.75 stars), the movie has outperformed all of those scores. Regardless of whether it was Sankranthi season, the audience rolled out the red carpet for the film as it amassed 200 crores in total receipts, including $2.25 million from the USA market alone. Even though some people didn't like the songs and others went looking for the words on Devi Sri Prasad's website, the movie's musical score was a hit in theatres.

Cut to the controversy: chiranjeevi avoids them altogether, yet his media interviews gained notoriety because he was candid about his political beliefs. Chiru's statements gave everyone chills as he clarified that he is not backing jagan or Pawan and that Mega-Allu families are always the same. Then he added that Waltair Veerayya actually earned $2.25 million after receiving 2.25 stars.

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